About Dana

I’ve always had a love for flowers. When I was little my mum and grandmother would take me to James Smith (a department store in Wellington which closed many years ago) and there was a small little flower shop and I would love seeing the florist at work, so since that time my passion has always been about flowers.

I started working in a flower shop when I was 13 years old; this was my ‘after school’ job. I would wash the vases and do all the cleaning, but that never bothered me, all I wanted was to be in a florist shop.

When I finished school, I continued working in the florist shop. I left New Zealand for about 6 months and I went to Greece, to see my extended family. I had a great opportunity to work in a flower shop in Athens. I came back to New Zealand and continued working as a florist.

At the age of 23 I had my own flower shop in Willis Street, (in the heart of Wellington). I had my shop for 5 years. During that time I had a wonderful array of customers and had orders for all types of occasions: corporate, brides, partners, babies, families, funerals, embassies, government departments, I was lucky to do flowers for our Prime Minister at the time Helen Clark, a number of Members of Parliament, presentation flowers for the Greek Prime Minister (who came to New Zealand on an official visit), as well as a large basket of flowers for Nana Mouskouri when she was on tour. During those 5 years my husband (Geoff) was very supportive and would always take time off work so he could help me over Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, ANZAC day and Christmas, he was a great help.

Supporting New Zealand businesses is what I do, and I source the majority of beautiful flowers from our growers.

I eventually sold my shop to allow me to spend time with my precious baby boy Marko. My son is now 8 years old, so it’s time for me to get back into my passion for flowers. This is why I have my online site, so I can work from home offering a high standard and professional service, and still have time for my beautiful family, which I love very much. I have now been working from home for 5 years thank you for all your support.